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March 3-31, 2021

Created for ReCreated!

Supercritical Fluid (SCF) technology was derived from the concept “when a product can contain more small pores and the diameters of the pores are smaller than the critical size of the material defect, the mechanical performance of the product can be greatly improved”, which was proposed by professor N.P. Suh of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. OTRAJET introduces this concept into our physical foaming technology and hopes to achieve our core value, created is for recreated. In 2020, we successfully developed a physical foaming elastomer injection technology, NEXELL, with nitrogen gas (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2) as the foaming agent. The production process is non-toxic and non-polluting and the finished products are lightweight and 100% recyclable. It will help us ensure a clean global environment and ecology for future generations.

# What is NEXELL?

Daily Breathing Air As Foaming Agent

NEXELL products do not use chemical agents to achieve foaming. 100% nitrogen or carbon dioxide in air are only applied as our foaming agents, therefore the products are completely recyclable and can be reused in next production.

Completely Pollution-free Process

NEXELL creates absolutely no waste during mass production, enormously reducing the environmental impact and pollution by waste disposing and will leave a clean global environment for future generations.

100% Recyclable

NEXELL products are made by a mix of our daily breathing air and specific pure plastic materials. When recycling, 100% of the product can be crushed and remade into raw pellets. The recycled materials will be reused to produce new products, resulting that no waste will be left in the environment.

Wide Range of Product Density Option

One NEXELL mold can make products with a wide range of weights and densities. Customers can choose from 0.15 to 0.9 g/cm3, helping our customers to satisfy the need of diverse choices in today’s consumer market.

# When to apply NEXELL?

Bicycle Components

The foam in bicycle saddles can be made by NEXELL physical foaming technology. And recycled NEXELL foam can also be reused into bicycle accessories, such as: brake handles, mobile phone holders, racks, etc.

Sports Items

Products made by NEXELL physical foaming elastomers have lower density and better rebound performance. They are perfect for mid-soles of sneakers, protection gears, yoga mats, floting devices, and other sports items.


The foam created by NEXELL physical foaming technology is in a closed cell structure. Each cell is not connected to the others, which keeps water drops on the surface instead of entering the product. The products are not only waterproof but are also easy to wipe, which improves the products’ durobilities and satisfies the need for comfort. Coupled with the fact that there is no chemical residue, the foam is perfect for furniture, toys, floor mats, and other household products.

Automotive Materials

With better rebound performance and compression resistance, NEXELL physical foaming elastomers is perfect for vibration absoption required by car engines or machine motors.

Packaging Materials

NEXELL physical foaming elastomers have better rebound performance and can be used for shock-resistant and vibration-damping packaging required by electronic instruments, mechanical watches, and other high-precision equipment.

# What NEXELL stands for?

Simplifying complexity

NEXELL is dedicated to the idea of “simplifying complexity”. Through the innovations in foaming technology, we have simplified originally complex procedures, which has allowed us to meet usage needs more efficiently, reduce production steps, and minimize energy waste during production.

Constant self-challenge

NEXELL has always demanded and challenged itself with the highest standards. With technological innovation, refined production, environmental friendliness, and better customer service as our goals, we continue to challenge ourselves while maintaining the most professional and rigorous mindset.

Create more possibilities

NEXELL possesses the best technology R&D and production development team, who provide professional consulting services to understand the needs of customers and the market. The team tailors custom material formulations and production processes for our customers to create excellent products together.

Make the world a better place

In order to protect the Earth, NEXELL insists on selecting materials that are harmless to the human body and the environment, while able to create the greatest value during the recycling process. NEXELL actively promotes energy-saving and high-yield production technologies to reduce waste due to defects in the materials themselves. NEXELL promises to create a clearner and more beautiful home for our next generation.

# Who we are?

After serveral years of research, OTRAJET successfully launched the world’s first “physical foaming process injection molding machine” in 2020. This was a revolutionary technological innovation in the field of plastic foaming.


Nex, derived from the word next, symbolizes our pursuit for breakthroughs and innovations.


Cell refers to the air cell structure formed in the material during the foaming process.


NEXELL is an advanced physical foaming technology brand. Through revolutionary foaming technology innovations, it can satisfy and stay one step ahead of the market and user needs.

# How to reach us?


No.6, Gongyequ 33rd Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan

Fax: +886 4 2359 9719